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. john kerry accuses russia of an act of aggression. anotherlls in kia after day of demonstration. ukrainians wave international eyes in protest. russia tightens its grip on the crimea. ♪ ukraine is on the brink of disaster. that is the stark message from the interim prime minister. russia's moves to take control crimea amount to a declaration of war. his government is calling up all of its military reserves and appealing for help. waskraine mobilizes, there another massive anti-russian rally in kiev. they echoed calls for international support. they also heard from the president of georgia in 2008 when they fought a brief war with russia. the most recent developments, ukraine's new government has sacked the head of the navy one day after appointing him and charged him with treason. he was shown on russian television reading out a statement in which he store -- swore allegiance to pro-russia forces. he has surrendered his headquarters in so the stopple -- sevastopol. we will correspondent and russia. we have this report on ukraine. soldiers wearing uniforms without insignia in h
mounting from the west. us secretary of state john kerry called the russian military incursion in the crimea an incredible act of aggression and he warned moscow it could lose its prestigious membership in the group of eight nations may have to face economic sanctions kerry also said the us would be prepared to boycott the planned g eight meeting in silky this summer if need be at a crisis meeting in brussels nato chief anders rasmussen what your peace and security were at risk to your attraction to stop its military activity and threats against ukraine. and what's going on to brussels for more on nato's emergency country now joins us from there we know the general secretary general rasmussen is expected to speak to the press soon when you think they can see coming out of that meeting when your redeemer the press and that it's a day where he was very explicit in contending that russia's action and said that it was a violation of several international treaties and look at. at the movement of the nato ukraine commission is holding its meeting and we don't know yet what that the u
of the ukraine today. the russian president and u s had to stay. john kerry spoke out within hours of each half as they presented the world with the presence of events kerry's intervention came as he arrived in kiev to show support for the country's new leadership of the small role but financial. with the aid package including a billion dollars of energy subsidies then we can warn that his government was going up from the sanctions to impose and russia. as soon as this week so far the sanctions and diplomatic isolation appeared to be having little impact will be hearing from our reporters throughout the region often visible on the laces fuss moving to them while we still see me and putting them into the panic among the non ukrainian treat the nice in the green the emboldened by the team's presence. they seek to negotiate with the russian forces controlling and things the russian soldiers on meeting the times reported from time magazine present at the seams. eventually backed down. instead they have to await orders from moscow to how to proceed. it is judging into tin for the last time consequen
storms. secretary of state john kerry travels to asia. one of the topics discussed -- climate change. in indonesia, kerry described it as one of the most serious problems in the world. >> when i think about the array of global climate -- of global threats, think about this. terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction -- all challenges that know no borders. the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them. >> u.s. and chinese leaders agreed to work more closely in combating the environmental issue. the two countries are the biggest producers of emissions of carbon dioxide and gasses. workers in los angeles set a guinness world record for the largest continuous pour of concrete. 21,200 cubic yards of concrete was spread, beating the previous record of 21,000 set by a hotel in las vegas. 208 trucks made more than 2,000 trips, pouring 82 million pounds of concrete to build a foundation for what will be the tallest building west of the mississippi, housing luxury hotel rooms and offices. for "teen kids news," laura i
with the kerry initiate a few notes but press on this very critical states. add to this baby's skin and to make some very difficult decisions. um that is support in the american initiative here in the middle east. this is the largest german deal the biggest delegation ever to go to israel. moses didn't receive my lord there is real this is really on their radar i think it is on their radar i mean it's not that they would come into the hotel in the nets of a creek and then it was a nutty content if i list but there was a lot of talk before it in the media didn't even last night done to make the bed towards costing and talking about it until there's an interesting discussion you know about what sent it to me to listen to it to me not to wear tutus and gemini not say on hand but it's the most important is here that the imax with agreements had been made in a team for many young israelis also to stay in testing now know they have this new wet working holiday the sock issue they can come to gemini and not on the touristy though but they can go and watch the ball wide. these are the practical things
against interfering with her secretary kerry head and say everybody needs to step back and avoid provocations in this position somewhat conflicts with washington's very hands on approach to lie down why it's so windy with my johnny was about legitimate aspirations of ukrainian people now that it's a different part of the ukraine. western politicians tend to focus on the issue of territorial integrity and international law. washington is both so much support in the year behind my don that perhaps it's not surprising that you don't hear much about the legitimate aspirations of the will of the people living in tiny air or in other parts of ukraine did not supported to take over powering cute well for european reaction to events in ukraine is going live to london and told to go to chelsea. panic is a member of the european parliament no i'm europe's interests of course to recognize the new authorities in ukraine but mayo and unlimited power as a result of breaking a peace deal brokered with the help of the eu authorities said see you really do see them as legitimate. i'm afraid i do
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6